Past Years' Experiences

Unforgettable Moments From Previous
ITALY Photo Workshops


There are only a few occasions where you are lucky to meet an individual who profoundly influences your life.  Both Umbria workshops 2013 & 2014 have greatly impacted how I look at the world through my photography: the heart, soul, and essence of photography, in a profound and everlasting way.  Catherine was the one who guided me on this incredibly wonderful path, and I will be forever grateful for this gift. - DARLENE LEWIS CHINN


My expectations were not only met but exceeded.  Seeing the work of others in the class, along with [Catherine's] critique, was invaluable.  I am so grateful for the one on one time [Catherine] spent with me.  I now grasp the complexity behind a good photo.  [Catherine] provided us with a view of Umbria we would never have attained on our own.  The workshop was an experience of mind, body, and spirit.  Photography has captured me.  As I said at the end of the workshop, it doesn't get any better. - BRENDA MASSON

Every so often, an opportunity presents itself that is truly "transformational", and this was one for me. I really found myself discovering, or perhaps re-discovering, some important things about myself. - KEN HOFFMAN

We are still on cloud nine about the trip.  The people, food, exciting experiences, and very patient instruction made it one of our best trips ever. - NANCY NABORS