Last Year's Experience

Our Unforgettable Moments From the
UMBRIA Photo Workshop

If you have an opportunity to learn from Catherine Karnow, do it! I had little formal training going in. We immediately tackled a series of shoots: night shots, panning, action shots, food and architectural shots, and soulful portraits. Catherine’s guidance was invaluable. I emerged with a terrific set of shots and serious photography skills. Best of all, it renewed my spirit of adventure. I’d leap at the chance to do it again. PATRICIA MARTIN

[I had] the most wonderful experience in Italy! Every time I think about the trip, I can’t help but smile ... I so enjoyed spending time with [Catherine], Tricia and Renee ... I truly had an experience of a lifetime. And I’m so thrilled to think I can actually go somewhere and take a decent photo. You can’t even imagine how much that means to me. I think it was a great experience for everyone and I think [the] idea of approaching it as if you are in the field on a photo assignment is fantastic and energizing. CAROL ENQUIST

Thanks again for organizing such an amazing trip! I had the biggest smile on my face while watching the [final slideshow] again. I cannot wait for the next [workshop.] SHANTI TILLING

I attended the workshop with a borrowed camera. Just holding the camera up to my eye was foreign to me. I’ve never shot a photograph with anything other than my i-Phone...a true novice! Catherine and her staff made a photographer out of me! It is a creative outlet I feel I can enjoy for the rest of my life; what a gift this was. Thank you. WENDY MADEIROS